Kayla M. Fratt

Animal behavior expert, writer, world traveler.

Let's get to know each other.

Animal Behavior Expert

I'm one of only ~300 Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in the World and am a sought-after expert in canine behavior.

Hire a writer who has published hundreds of articles on animal behavior and biology and has been quoted by Wirecutter, Hill's Science Diet, How Stuff Works, and more.  I specialize in difficult behavior cases like aggression and anxiety. I'm not just going to Google something. If you want to write about dogs, I am one of the experts.

Efficient, Clear Writer

I specialize in writing clear, easy-to-follow articles on dog behavior and dog training.

While working as a freelance writer and running Journey Dog Training, I perfected the art of writing articles on dog behavior that get rankings on Google AND help owners attain their goals with their pets. I'm motivated to work hard and get good results so that I can spend my weekends in the mountains or on the ocean. My work is deadline-focused, in-depth, and science-oriented.

World Traveler

I spent much of 2018-2019 traveling the world, driving from Canada to Panama with my dog and my partner.

This means I'm a true remote-work expert. I'm also fluent in Spanish and have a lot of experience navigating borders in countries like Guatemala and Nicaragua. Driving the Pan-American highway has always been one of my dreams, and I made it a dog-friendly reality. Working remotely allowed me to build Journey Dog Training to its current size!

I have worn a lot of hats. In the past, I've:

  • Trained rescue dogs to sniff out invasive plants, diseases, wildlife contraband and the scat of endangered species.
  • Helped revamp the decision-making process regarding outcomes of animals in an animal shelter.
  • Instructed other dog trainers on how to conduct virtual behavior consultations.
  • Mist netted bats in the Amazon rainforest and birds in the Chiricahua Mountains.
  • Clicker trained hippos, beavers, falcons, cats, and more.

  • Trained thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and behavior problems.
  • Founded a college Nordic ski team.
  • Competed in 50-kilometer ski marathons (and a few running marathons).
  • Studied the factors influencing stress and stereotypic behaviors in zoo-housed gorillas.
  • Researched functional vocalizations of Monk Parakeets.