Kayla M. Fratt

Animal behavior expert, writer, world traveler.

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Hire a writer who has published hundreds of articles on animal behavior and biology. I am one of 200 Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in the world and am a member of the Dog Writer's Association of America.

Beautiful Websites

Attract and keep clients with a beautiful and easy-to-use website. I specialize in websites for individuals and small businesses - particularly positive dog trainers. All sites are built with SEO and Inbound Marketing in mind.

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Compare to your competitors, get found on search engines, reel in more customers, and understand where your website needs more work. Available as a one-time audit or as a monthly upkeep package.

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El Perro Tambien

Follow my travels as I set out on an epic road trip with unknown destination and indeterminate length. And yes, I'm bringing my dog (and my boyfriend).

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Journey Dog Training

I offer online dog training courses for owners struggling with problematic behaviors. Read blogs, get free e-books, and speak to a professional trainer from anywhere in the world.

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You won't find many other freelancers who have also:

  • Helped revamp the decisionmaking process regarding outcomes of animals in an animal shelter.
  • Instructed other dog trainers on how to conduct virtual behavior consultations.
  • Mist netted bats in the Amazon rainforest and birds in the Chiricahua Mountains.
  • Clicker trained hippos.

  • Trained thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and behavior problems.
  • Founded a college Nordic ski team.
  • Competed in 50-kilometer ski marathons (and a few running marathons).
  • Studied the factors influencing stress and stereotypic behaviors in zoo-housed gorillas.
  • Researched functional vocalizations of Monk Parakeets.