Past Web Design Projects

I loved building my own websites so much that I started helping other dog trainers improve their web presence. Here are a few examples.

Respectful K9 Training   //   Paws N'Stone Training

One Paw at a Time Training   //   Boise Dog Sports   //  Mindful Gardener

Alliance Dog Training

My Sites: Journey Dog Training, El Perro Tambien, & this site


I majored in organismal biology and ecology in college, focusing on animal behavior. I was lucky enough to do a lot of original research both in Colorado and in Ecuador. Here are the titles of a few of my favorites.

  • Defensive behavior of wild Amazonian tarantulas in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador
  • Functional vocalizations of a Monk Parakeet
  • Stress and stereotypic behaviors in zoo-housed gorillas in relation to visitor-percieved zoo quality
  • The relationship between invasive fish and species diversity in the Yampa Rivers
  • Behavioral and physical development in captive raised precocial birds

Reach out if you'd like to hear more about any of the studies!


Spoiler Alert: People like working with me.

  • Kayla provides that exceptional mix of compassion for both dog and human. She has helped me with my intelligent-but-sometimes-stubborn-and-anxious mixed breed on numerous occasions, and has modified her advice to fit my family's lifestyle as much as possible.

    I've had some negative experiences with other trainers at times who seem to assume the worst of the humans, but Kayla listens and responds knowing each dog has a unique personality and that most humans want to do their best to meet that.

    -Erin Frieberg, JD: Dog Training Client

  • Kayla is an incredibly knowledgeable dog trainer who has been a hugely valuable asset to our writing team at K9 of Mine.

    She is a true expert on dog behavior, and her expertise shows in her work.

    Our readers greatly enjoy her articles and I have no doubt she has helped many readers become better owners through her education.

    - Meg Marrs, Editor at K9 of Mine

  • I first came to Kayla because i was looking to have my business site re-done but also have it accessible so i can change minor things on my own. Kayla and her partner were very helpful, very quick to get things done and added a lot of great input as far as the creativity and language of the content in the site. Everything was affordable and i would definitely use Kayla for future site needs.

    - Stephanie Stone, Paws N'Stone Web Design Client

  • Working with Kayla was a wonderful experience. Not only did she help me design a fabulous website that clients compliment regularly, but she dealt with all of the 'behind-the-scenes' headache with my host. She not only saved me on the design front but she saved me time and energy as well, which is priceless for a busy professional working two jobs! She was personable, timely, and professional and I would use her services again. Very fair pricing and very worth the money.

    - Janee Moore, Boise Dog Sports Web Design Client