11 Best X Theme Websites of 2017

With about 1 billion different websites out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to make a statement or pick a favorite layout.

As a web designer, I spend hours flipping through sites for inspiration. I picked out 11 best X Theme Websites of 2017 so you can learn from the pros, even if you don’t hire me.

This will make your job easier as you’re trying to tell me what you’re looking for in a site. It also gives you a good idea of what I can accomplish, since each of these sites was built with tools that I’m familiar with!

Don’t be shy about contacting me if you’re inspired to update your website.

I’ll help you make a site that’s so beautiful, you’ll be on the 2018 list.


What I love: This site hits the balance between clean and splashy with unusual skill. It’s crisp and colorful, with lots of big text and beautiful graphics. It’s got easy to read step-by-step suggestions, basic buying options, and a great callout to other businesses that have featured Juice Generation.

What I might change: I might add in a corner popup with an offer for a free juicing e-book or other free service. This would help Juice Generation gather email addresses for further marketing efforts. I rarely say this, but I also might suggest more text so that readers can learn more about the product on the homepage.


What I love: Consistent bright colors pull this page together and add a pop of flair. Their headlines make it crystal clear what they offer and why you need them. The photo-information grid is perfect for any company that offers a wide variety of services. Again, they have a great area for testimonials at the bottom.

What I might change: Other than adding in a popup like for Juice Generation, I might add in a bit more information somewhere that’s easy to read. The grid has great information, but is difficult to skim over.

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What I love: What a great headline! They’ve sure got my attention. I love the colorful graphics interspersed with text and color. This page is beautifully balanced and easy to skim over. Samples at the bottom are an excellent touch.

What I might change: The colors are a bit much in the bulleted lists and the language word cloud. This is distracting at best and hard to read at worst. I would select 2-5 colors and stick with those, rather than going with a full rainbow palette. Ironically, the only grey button on the page is unfortunately located right over a black-and-white photo.


What I love: This site is clean, simple, and to the point. It’s practical and easy to follow without being boring or stiff.

What I might change: The grey text is a bit hard to read since the font is so thin and the background isn’t pure white. I’d ensure that all of the text is easy to read while editing to reduce wordiness in bullet point lists.


What I love: Can you say beautiful? Ok, it might be cheating a bit since this is a travel company, but this is my favorite site to look at. I love the full-width photos, easy to find buttons, and excellently simplified information. Testimonials and multiple reminders to reach out for more info really polish off this page.

What I might change: Sites that are this photo-heavy have to be careful with loading times. I didn’t notice problems with this one, but it’s a thing to keep an eye out for. I might make the grey “Get Started” button below the “How it works” section a bit more colorful so that it stands out more to skimmers.


What I love: I know a site is well-designed when I fall in love with it despite not understanding 90% of the words on the page. Even better, I have a good idea of what service they offer without even reading. I love the grid layout of photos and text, and the team highlight at the bottom is great for companies where many employees work directly with customers.

What I might change: The black-and-white lack of color is very sleek. However, it can be a bit boring. It also makes the colors that pop out of the photo of the app a bit jarring. I’d either tone down those colors or add in more colorful accents so the page feels more cohesive.


What I love: This is one sexy website. The mix of black, white, and select colors is stunning and I love their use of background video. The sections each have a clear purpose and are distinct but cohesive.

What I might change: I don’t love how the testimonials are set up, with smallish text and shadows behind the boxes. I might opt for a less-3D setup. The page also feels like it goes on for miles. While the information is good, I’m not sure if all of it needs to be on the homepage.


What I love: I love the consistent red tinge over beautiful photos. The cartoon graphics and funky fonts give the page a tasteful, youthful feel. It’s like a classy classroom. The colors are bright without being overwhelming, and white buttons stand out nicely.

What I might change: The “What We Do” text is a bit small and chunky. Adding in more paragraph breaks would make it easier to skim. As a nonprofit, it’s always nice to add in some information right away about where donations go and how they help. Inspirational stories and transparency are always good ideas!


What I love: The blue and orange colors are bright and optimistic. I absolutely love the venn diagram, which is a lovely and unique touch. I love the helpful text and buttons giving me guidance as I navigate the page.

What I might change: Pets are adorable and I love the photo, but it doesn’t really help me get a clear idea of the purpose of the site. This isn’t a dog trainer, is it?  I don’t love the Instagram plugin overlaying a photo – it’s a bit “noisy.”


What I love: I love clean, white backgrounds. This landing page is so easy on the eyes. It’s so easy to skim the page to learn about the company. They keep it nice and short while making a great use of arrows to break up text.

What I might change: After all the clean and pale colors, the red banner along the bottom of the page is a bit jarring. Since I love the top ¾ of the page so much, I would elect for a more cohesive color for the bottom banner – or just have red accents, since they are Red Bison!


What I love: I might just love this site because I want to be their customer. Or do I want to be their customer because I love their site? The “choose your next adventure” text in the search bar is brilliant. My heart skipped a beat reading through their travel options. I love their banner listing places that feature them – they’ve got some heavy hitters in there! Like Fashion Mingle, they’ve got an excellent grid for features. It’s a compelling site to visit and the $100 offer at the bottom is a mighty good exchange for my email address.

What I might change: Overall, they went nice and light on text. However, the story towards the bottom about their founder is a bit overbearing. Reduced text size, less text, or more paragraph breaks would make this easier to digest. The parallax image behind that same text box slides in a strange way, something I’d try to smooth out.

Do you agree that these sites are beautiful? If so, let’s talk about what we can do to make your site so beautiful it’ll make the 2018 list!


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